Here’s What You Said in the Volunteer Voice 2020 Listening Project 

By Vlad Levitsky

When Engage for Success volunteers shared their views in the Volunteer Voice survey earlier this year, the responses were incredibly open and insightful.

As our movement grows and relies more on our collective energy and effort, especially in the current climate, capturing feedback is more crucial than ever. 

In March and April, a team from the University of East London interviewed 18 EfS volunteers to explore what’s going well and what could be better. Even the disruption by COVID-19 could not stop this important project.

Co-Lead of the Volunteers Hub and TAGs Hub, Claire Ritchie managed the project. “I found that the respondents’ shared voice was thoughtfully optimistic,” she said. “Volunteers seem to take inspiration and energy from Engage for Success’ purpose. They are confident that we can deliver even more influence and impact, which tells us that we’re heading in the right direction, yet there is more work to be done.” 

The responses are grouped into three separate actionable clusters and strategic outcomes: ‘Maintain the Momentum’, ‘Opportunities to Progress’, and ‘Challenges to Address’ are interlaced with ‘Inspiration, Influence and Impact’. 

As members of the movement, we are all committed to ‘inspiring people and workplaces to thrive’, and we also recognise that together we can shape our movement’s culture. The next steps are for all of us to work together, develop plans to make improvements and publicise our successes.

You can read the highlights from the Volunteer Voice listening here and keep an eye on future issues of this newsletter to learn about progress and how you can contribute. 

We’d love to hear from you. If you have any thoughts or questions about Volunteer Voice 2020 Listening Project, please write to Claire and Vlad at volunteer@engageforsuccess.org.

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