2nd October 2015


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We Thrive – podcasts

One of the key puzzles of engagement is why people work so willingly in their spare time on voluntary projects, when it is so hard to get them interested in the work they are being paid for. This set of practical resources from WeThrive.net unravels some of the mysteries of human motivation, explains why there is often a gap between job descriptions and the actual behaviour of staff, and sets out the conditions necessary for people to find work engaging and self-motivating. Listen to the Missing Manual for the Human Being first, then get the practical tools to make interventions with staff work better in the series of Managers Toolkits. These include frameworks for everyday conversations with staff, a robust system for talking to people so that change happens, a way of holding no-blame conversations and a practical guide to dealing with people who are angry.

You can listen to these podcasts at https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/wethrive-leadership-management/id1044628828 – from here you can also download them into iTunes so you can listen to them on your phone etc. while travelling.

WeThrive Ebook Missing Manual
Your company is all about your people. But why don’t those people always do what you want from them? The Missing Manual for the Human Being lifts the lid on your employees, explains the roots of motivation and shows you how to get them working at their best. After you have listened to this, download The Managers Toolkit podcasts – these contain the practical tools you need to get the team properly motivated and engaged.

The Managers Toolkit 1 – Setting them up to succeed
In Managers Toolkit 1 you learn how to set up the culture and conditions at work so that tasks become self-motivating, and how to hold a conversation in the right order for learning to take place.

The Managers Toolkit 2 – Talking about change so it happens
In Managers Toolkit 2 you can learn how to walk an idea into someone’s head so that it takes root using the RIGAAR model for sustainable change. This podcast also explains why communicating ideas is often difficult, and gives you four vital rules for improving communication so your people have the same pictures in their heads of what they are supposed to be doing.

The Managers Toolkit 3 – how to discuss poor performance
Learn how to establish a genuine no-blame culture in Managers Toolkit 3. This podcast shows you how to hold conversations that generate learning and change, not the resentment and opposition that come with blame. You’ll also get practical guidance on how to intervene when situations get out of hand and people become angry.

Author Bio: : Piers Bishop

Piers Bishop has spent 30 years working with individuals and groups who want to change something about the way they think, act and feel. This includes trauma-focussed therapy with PTSD sufferers including Forces Veterans, consulting work in large organisations that want to improve motivation and engagement, and sensitive personal development work at Cabinet level. He has a Master’s degree in psychotherapy, sat on the panel that defined the occupational standards for CBT, and founded the military trauma charity Resolution, which now treats hundreds of veterans a year. He and Andy Heath founded WeThrive in 2012