Annual Report: Good day at work 2014 

This Good Day at Work report by Robertson Cooper has been published annually since 2007. The strength of its perspectives and range of contributors, marks a real watershed for well-being. It gives great encouragement to see some of the world’s leading organisations putting employee well-being at the heart of their corporate strategies – Barclays, NHS Employers, Diageo, Atkins, the list goes on. The work that they’re doing is an acknowledgement of the bottom-line impact it can have, but also of the social responsibilities of big business.

It’s true to say that part of this new focus on well-being has its origin in some very negative aspects of modern work, those stories which make us sit up and ask serious questions about topics like pay, equality, working hours and national productivity. Or indeed, those that make us ask ourselves the question ‘why do I even bother?!’ This Report, can play a part in answering some of those questions, bringing together partners and contributors that are making well-being live inside businesses. It serves as a barometer of progress and, ultimately, by connecting the evidence in these pages and discussing the themes of the last year, it gives us a chance to ask that big question: is the tipping point for mental health and well-being really in sight?

The cross-section of organisations featured within this report and at our latest conference provides an overwhelmingly positive endorsement of that sea change. But it also reminds us of a truth: that there are so many different starting points for organisations wishing to make well-being a core part of the way that they do business.

The report includes a Diversity & Wellbeing feature from Barclays, which proves to be really insightful. A few highlightes are included below:

–          Pledge from Barclays to be the ‘Go to Bank’ for all stakeholders including colleagues

–          Flexible working options available all the way up to director level

–          Flexible working register which enables colleagues who want to job share match up with other colleagues who are looking to job share

–          Diversity measures included in colleague section of Balance Scorecard

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