How To Build Momentum In Work & Life 

The most important thing you can do for yourself is to create momentum in your work, and life. And there are ways to thrive and succeed without being burnt out or having to consider quietly quitting.

Every life path has its ups and downs, which is how we grow and rise about the challenge. As the saying goes, “We grow through what we go through.” Momentum in life comes from focusing on those things that will help move us forward.

The habit of repeating unhelpful patterns and cycles when trying to achieve success is something we need to overcome. By working towards wanting to create the right momentum, we can move past such obstacles and achieve what we really want. and to build this up, a lot of upfront energy is required to step out of our comfortable bubbles.  Having a routine and being disciplined can help make it easier to keep everything on track – remember that your daily habits shape your future lifestyle. You can jumpstart your work-life momentum by following the simple tips below.

Top Momentum-building Techniques

Before we delve into more detail, it is essential to have hope. Always have hope. It helps our ability to find happiness and peace during difficult times, and is crucial to our overall well-being.

Create a reliable network.

From following role models and successful people we admire, social media has had a significant impact on how we connect with those who share similar interests to ours. We can try to build similar connections with people at work too – by catching up with leaders at work and asking them questions about what you want to know, or by making use of anonymous feedback tools perhaps to request an audience with influential guest speakers.

And this can be done simply by networking with team members and colleagues. It helps us become a good communicator and listener. Take advantage of regular meetings at work or any event, and make sure to be available for networking, ideas sharing, and listening, and therefore creating opportunities for growth and momentum.

Set clear goals, and work towards them.

Setting clear goals helps us determine precisely what we want to accomplish and how we’d like to get there. An important step here is to make sure that what we want to work towards will turn out to benefit us. And to do that, have a plan that serves as a guide to help reach that goal. In addition to commitment and determination, it also serves as a reminder to have continuous and consistent action towards realising those dreams, despite the obstacles we may face along the way.

Staying committed to our goals will keep us focused on what we have identified as important to reaching your goals. Too often, we spend precious time on things that have nothing to do with what we want. We are distracted by focusing on what others are doing, achieving, and striving to be like them. Having a clear vision and a plan can lead us forward in achieving our life goals. Working towards them makes this process faster and helps us get the needed life experience too. 

Leaders and managers can have a significant impact when it comes to this matter. Companies can organise workshops regarding this topic. Or consider external options such as classes or courses outside of work, or maybe even looking for other opportunities beyond the current role.

Be Fearless, Take Risks.

Taking risks is one of the essential components of creating momentum in life. And a deep-seated fear of taking those risks, change, failure, ridicule, or the unknown can lead to procrastination. Take everyday action to overcome those anxieties by asking ourselves, “What would we today today if we’re not afraid?”

Be afraid, and do it anyway!

Sometimes the best way forward is to take the big leap to a new position or company. When times are tight most organisations cut back on activities that aren’t directly related to profits, so it may not always be possible to expect learning & development opportunities. Sometimes, the best way to get a new opportunity is to jump ship for a new and better job.

Manage Your time.

Finding the time to do everything we want is one of the barriers to living the life we want. Keep a time log for your activities. Add up time spent on each activity, including shopping, checking email, etc. Check every category. What can we do to shorten the time it takes in each area? Be creative and create time to pursue passions rather than obligations. Always respect everyone’s work schedule, and that includes not contacting team members and colleagues once they have have clocked out of their day’s work.

Make sure to weigh the importance of each activity. Cultivate daily, healthy habits. Stay consistent, show up, be prepared, and keep a schedule for everything to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This will help us remain focused and on track.

It’s so important to incorporate sleeping and eating intentionally into our daily habits. The benefits of sleeping well are so massively underrated, and a good night’s rest can do wonders in terms of helping us building momentum. Your lunch break at work is essential. Never underestimate taking the time to enjoy meals and what has gone into preparing them. Avoid eating in front of desks or binge-watching while eating; avoid checking emails during your lunch. Your body needs to be nurtured and complete, to give work and life your best.

And Manage Your Finances Wisely.

Being able to differentiate between what is essential and what is not in terms of spending cannot be stressed enough. Sometimes, the more we make, the more we spend because we allow ourselves to purchase things we do not need. How money is managed can say a lot about us and can immediately predict our near future. Avoid falling into any unnecessary debt and impulsive shopping habits.

Mindful spending can help keep a check on financial bleeding. And it’s vital to make sure that the things being bought are consistent with our personal values. One of the way to do this is by running a financial report to determine precisely what we’re spending our money on – what if we made a 10% cut to every category, perhaps excluding our mortgage and other loan payments? Instead of feeding the treadmill with more money, use it wisely to fuel your dreams.

Organisations can help by offering the flexibility of working from home or by providing financial training, workshops and any other possible support. The cost of a day’s commute and other expenses that come from our daily routine can impact our finances. Consider moving to a more affordable place if it won’t impact the job, as working remotely can massively reduce expenses.

Work on your focus.

Things that draw you down are energy drains. Anything that motivates us and lifts our spirits, such as a room in your home, a relaxing spot, or an activity, can restore our energy. Place a post-it note with a solution for each drain next to it. Remember to do deep work. How do we do that? Simply practice for an hour to only work and focus on finishing that particular task in the best way possible. After that, take a 10-minute break, then continue again on another task or perhaps finishing the first one the first time around.

Make time for your energy-boosting activities. Choose a few people in your life who can assist you in making progress in your life. Consider including people with various backgrounds, ages, perspectives, and experiences. You’ll be surprised, sometimes the most critical people are the ones who’ll offer the most insightful opinions that push you in the right direction. Call on them individually or together to assist you in getting past any barriers and maintaining the momentum.

Write Down Everything.

From your daily tasks to yearly plans, have everything written down for convenience. This can help us see our progress when we reflect on how we used to be, and where we are now. Write down the pros and cons before making a decision, and keep a gratitude journal; gratitude is the key to a happy life. It helps us stay grounded and appreciate every step of our growth.

Reflecitng deeply on the things we’re thankful for can lead to more positive emotions, feeling more alive, sleeping better, expressing more compassion and kindness, and even having a more robust immune system. The list of benefits and long. Take your time to explore each of them.

Read Books.

Many books on personal development include activities and thought prompts that encourage us to consider our decisions and the reasons behind them.

Reading the right books helps replace negative thoughts with phrases that express love, possibilities, power, and magic when we’re conscious of the thinking underlying our actions. This increases our awareness of the activities we choose to include in our day, enabling us to focus more on what works and less on what doesn’t. It’s important to not limit ourselves; search for books from all fields. Every book is a door leading to learning something new.


The techniques we use will definitely determine the way we create momentum in our lives. Everything needs time and consistency. Applying the techniques mentioned above can set us on a path of success, but the list is not exhaustive. We need to decide what works best for us and those around us. We all individually responsible for creating the best versions of ourselves and our realities.

Author: Krystyna Laurent – Communication Specialist at Incognito Apps.

Photo credit: Jonas Vincent on Unsplash

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