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Since our “call for evidence” on the link between wellbeing and engagement was launched in August 2013, we have had a lot of interest in this topic. It seems that given the current economic pressures, and the general trend of organisations to try to do more with less resources, employees are under more strain, and organisations are responding to this in different ways. The excellent CIPD annual survey report 2013 on absence management provides a snapshot on what is being done to manage absence, and has a section devoted to Wellbeing measures.

The survey data shows that workload and management style are the top causes of stress, followed by considerable organization change/restructuring and non-work relationships/family. Many, but not all, organisations are proactively trying to support staff, and most organisations provide one or more wellbeing-related benefits. 41% of organisations have a wellbeing strategy.

The CIPD’s annual report on mental health in the workplace also gives much food for thought, and has some very sensible conclusions and advice about the need to train and support line managers, provide occupational health support and conduct risk assessments to ensure that working environments support rather than undermine employees’ resilience and wellbeing.

In our own call for evidence we are particularly interested in pulling together evidence and case studies that can be of assistance and interest to individuals and teams in their day-to-day working lives. We are hoping to build on the output from last years wellbeing sub group which can be found here.
The Engage for Success formal call for evidence closes at the end of October 2013. Our initial focus is on Engagement & Wellbeing, but we would also like any evidence on the linkage between Engagement & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as well as its links to Diversity & Inclusion (D&I). If you have anything that you wish to share with us, please contact us at content@engageforsuccess.org

We are especially keen to get any material that links these areas with individual and organizational performance. We aim to complete interim findings at the end of 2013 and final conclusions in March 2014. We’d also be delighted to carry on this conversation on Twitter@Engage4Success


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