Wicked Thinking Conversation Two 

This Wicked Thinking Conversation was recorded in 2016 but hasn’t seen the light of day until now! It’s definitely a conversation worth listening to and was recently edited and finalised by Cathy Brown, our Former Exec Director and current Board Member.

David starts by setting the scene for a discussion on how workforce conditions may need to evolve in anticipation of changing circumstances – prophetic given 2020 – surely even a Futurist wouldn’t have predicted the last year?!

He asks:

What are the key changes in workforce conditions that you foresee, over, let’s say the next five years, which trends are likely to accelerate or become more pronounced?

How do you feel about all that? Let us know what you think. Get in touch via twitter @Engage4success or email us at content@engageforsuccess.org.

Thanks to our Wicked Thinkers Group:

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