11th October 2013


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Be part of establishing the links between Wellbeing & Engagement!

Call out for Evidence on the links between Engagement & Wellbeing

The wellbeing subgroup launched earlier on this month and so far we have had great case studies, evidence and research papers sent through to us from a variety of organisations.

We ask for more examples in order to expand the evidence base. We are particularly interested in receiving the following:

  • Definitions of “employee well-being” that are useful/relevant in your organisations. Examples might include traditional HR metrics like absence, but we are particularly interested in what (if anything) you actually use.
  • Examples of links between employee engagement and well-being: particularly where both have been measured more than once so causation can be more-easily inferred (e.g., engagement last year predicts well-being next year better than vice versa).
  • Examples of actions/interventions that have been effective in improving both engagement and well-being.
  • Examples of CSR and/or diversity policies that have improved both engagement and well-being.
  • Any evidence of relationships between team diversity, engagement, well-being and/or performance.

To provide useful and practical information for practitioners, we would be particularly interested in also receiving case studies, and practical hints and tips, ideally with evidence/metrics) that demonstrate the following:

  • Examples of interventions/approaches to increase wellbeing/resilience and the impact of these on engagement and organisation performance
  • Examples of interventions/approaches to increase diversity and the impact of these on employee wellbeing/resilience
  • Examples of business cases put to leaders and managers to build commitment
  • Learning – if we did it again we would … top one or two lessons

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