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The Engaging Managers’ Zone is an online knowledge centre that belongs to everyone for whom success depends on engaging people effectively. It’s a source of ideas, options and things to think about – from the purpose of employee engagement and the role of the engaging manager, to improving employee engagement by taking ownership, taking action and making change happen. 

Tools for engaging managers

online team engagement diagnostic

Developed in partnership with SurveyLab (Dan Wardle), Hult-Ashridge (Dr. Amy Bradley) and Stillae Ltd. (James Court-Smith), this innovative tool is available free-of-charge, and will help organisations across the country assess their teams’ engagement and motivation levels as they navigate the new post-lock down world.

QUIZ: Despicable? Me?

Every manager has an inner supervillain. Take the quiz to reveal the despicable side of your management style!

london business school research tool: becoming a better manager

Is management an easy job? Not at all. Yet, there are some things that any manager can do to become better. The path to managerial improvement starts with three steps.

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The engaging managers' zone has been developed for EFS by

oliver blackwell

Author, Engaging Managers' Zone

katy downes

Co-Lead, Engaging Managers' TAG

sarah ingoldby

Co-Lead, Engaging Managers' TAG

Gary Gill
gary gill

Director, EFS Public Sector Innovation

Jo Dodds
jo Dodds

Co-Strategy Director, EFS

steph ball
stephanie ball

Co-Lead, TAG Hub

Enormous thanks also to all the other people who have contributed to the Engaging Manager’s Zone during its development.

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