The #OneChange Project was a spin-off inspired by Engage for Success’ national conference in 2018. Volunteers Cat Barnard and Sian Fording decided to maintain the momentum of the discussions and content from the day by following up with speakers individually, capturing video clips of the #OneChange they’d make to workplaces to drive employee engagement.

Beginning with clips from speakers like Matthew Taylor, Dame Carol Black and of course EFS’ own David MacLeod and Nita Clarke, the campaign quickly gained traction. From the more strategic contributions of the ‘big hitters’ on the topic, the idea that change has to start somewhere and that simple, small changes can make a difference to the workplace and the employee experience was a concept accessible and motivating to a wider audience too.

Beginning with the EFS Radio Show and amplified across LinkedIn and Twitter, contributors from across the movement and more widely shared their own video clips with the #OneChange hashtag – and nominated others to do so too. Even delegates at the CIPD’s Festival of Work were ambushed to contribute by EFS roving radio show hosts, Jo Dodds and Jo Moffatt!

Want to contribute? Then upload your audio, video or article to social media and tag @engage4success on Twitter on Engage for Success on other platforms.

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