Content Guide

Great content can appear in many different types and styles and we are excited about receiving personal stories told in the first person, tips and ideas, case studies, video clips from someone talking about something that really had an impact on them, or short films of work places that give a sense of the atmosphere and why it is that they are so engaging.  Examples of what is currently on the website are in the table below.

Essential Criteria for Content

  • Clear Purpose
  • Simple, user friendly language
  • Fresh & insightful
  • Concise where at all possible
  • If significant in scope, concise summary to accompany required.


  • Documents should be no more than 2MB
  • Visually interesting and if possible to include photos
  • Ideally no more than one page of A4, in Word document format
  • Story telling style including quotes
  • Video clips – please provide link with code we can embed onto Engage for Success Youtube channel
  • Genuine good practice sharing and no blatant marketing of the supplying organisation.


Content Type Definition Format Type
Case Studies Factual, validated account of a real life situationthat illustrates engagement activity. Linked to one of the enablers. Word doc, including headline / shortsummary of case study.
Stories Informal and   inspiring stories. Very appealingpersonal hook, from the heart. From different levels of the organisation. Linked to an enabler. Video, quotations, short summary,podcast.
Insight pieces Insightful, evidence based. Blog, Word doc, Animations.
Opinion pieces Less formal discussion in article format.Promote debate not necessarily evidence based. Blog, mini surveys, animations,online voting, outputs from forums, articles.
Social media Interactive, sharing communications channelson employee   engagement. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn,Youtube.
Research Evidence based, analysis and conclusions.Qualitative and quantitative. Word doc, Webpage, links, shortsummary.
News and   Events Current updates, unique quality. Links, short summary, webpage, blogentry, videos, photos, calendars, links   to   registration.
Hints and tips Short, concise, things you can do today. Webpages, vox pops.
Comments Reaction to a piece of content. Written statement.
Static content Information which is likely to stay on thewebsite for longer periods of time. Videos, Powerpoint, animations,word doc, Webpages.
Book reviews Review of   a relevant book. Webpage, blog entry.

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