Streamlining Your Business Post Lockdown 

COVID-19 has caused unprecedented disruption to businesses across a wide range of industries. Many companies have been forced to close their offices and work remotely for several months to comply with the government’s social distancing measures. While these regulations have been effective in fighting the spread of the virus, they have also resulted in substantial financial losses for many businesses. The COVID-19 measures have started to ease, which signals a gradual return to ‘normal’ working life. However, businesses must be ready to adapt and prepare for the changes brought on by the pandemic. With that in mind, here are some suggestions to help you streamline your business post-lockdown.

Maintain remote working

As mentioned, huge numbers of UK businesses were forced to close their commercial properties and manage their operations remotely. This means that thousands of employees have been working from home since early March in an effort to halt the spread of the virus. Managing a remote team has been a challenge for many companies, but it has also brought to light the various benefits of flexible working. In particular, remote work allows businesses to reduce their overhead costs and save money. A recent global study found that remote workers can save companies over £6k a year. Along with the cost benefits, a flexible workforce is also an effective way to lower your company’s carbon footprint by reducing transport emissions and eliminating the need for a large office space. On top of this, research shows working from home increases productivity and boosts employee satisfaction. With that in mind, companies should consider maintaining remote working once the social distancing regulations are lifted. COVID-19 has highlighted that many companies and employees can complete their work tasks efficiently from home. Allowing remote work is a great way for businesses to cut overhead expenses, reduce their environmental impact, and boost productivity levels.

Install automation software

Once the lockdown is lifted, it is likely that you will be extremely busy when you return to the workplace. You will need to rebuild relationships with customers and clients, support employees with workplace changes, and prepare new advertising campaigns. Installing automation software to manage certain tasks will provide you with valuable time to focus on developing the core elements of your business. This will give you a much better chance of increasing profits and achieving long-term success. According to experts at The UK Domain, businesses should consider automating the following day-to-day tasks: sales, social media, accounting, and IT management. IT consultancy and software experts like Helastel are a great starting point for businesses looking to install automation software. Utilising automation software will make your work life easier and boost the overall efficiency of your business operations.

Prepare marketing campaigns

Many businesses have taken a financial hit during the lockdown period. This means that it’s more important than ever for you to create quality advertising campaigns that will successfully promote your products and services. Effective marketing will help you rebuild relationships with your target customers, grow brand awareness, and drive traffic to your site. This, in turn, will help you increase sales and profits within your business. Successful marketing strategies are essential post-lockdown to help your company recoup lost revenue and gain a competitive edge in your industry. Focus on preparing lead generating campaigns that will increase conversions and maximise your overall marketing results.

Boost your SEO efforts

As businesses start to return to the workplace, there is going to be high competition to attract customers and increase sales. With that in mind, now is the ideal time to boost your SEO efforts and improve your site’s search rankings. Recent surveys found that a massive 75% of users never scroll past the first page on Google. This demonstrates the importance of having a site that is ranked highly by search engines. Some simple strategies to improve your SEO include publishing relevant content regularly and optimising your site’s user experience. Now could be an excellent time to consider outsourcing your SEO activities to a team of marketing specialists. This will provide you with additional time to focus on building other core areas of your business.


COVID-19 has been a time of disruption and uncertainty for many businesses. While the pandemic has caused various challenges for businesses, it also presents an opportunity for companies to adapt and improve the efficiency of their processes. Try implementing the above suggestions to streamline your business operations and come out of lockdown stronger than ever.

Author Credit: Imogen Clarke: Freelance writer, dog lover and coffee addict
Photo Credit: Steve Buissinee from Pixabay

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