Onboarding: 4 Tips On How To Welcome A New Crew Member In Your Team 

As you already know there is no ‘I’ in a team, and when it comes to business, working together is the only way to survive and to succeed. Knowing that the man/woman sat to your right and to your left will have your back at all times makes your job a lot easier. It also gives you a sense of purpose and determination to win for the team. That means when a new crew member joins you have to do your very best to get them in that mindset from the very beginning. Think of it as a puzzle; if one piece is missing, the whole thing gets ruined.

Here are a few things that you can do to welcome a new crew member in your team and solidify the bond between your workers with ease.

1. Don’t Freestyle, Have A Welcome Strategy In Place.

Remember that whoever joins your staff will be feeling anxious and stressed. Not only will the pressure of performing well on a new job get to them, but they will be walking into an environment filled with people who already know each other, and it sucks to be the odd one out. To make sure that they feel at ease from the moment they walk into that office make sure that you have a plan in place. Brief your staff the objectives and get them done, don’t just hope for the best.

2. Create A Personalized Memory Map Of The Staff.

One of the biggest fears your new team member will harbor is not being able to remember who everyone is and what they do. To put their mind at rest create a fun memory map to help them. Name tags are boring and easily forgotten so take a picture of everyone, create a collage and get your staff to put a few lines of info underneath their pictures. This is a fun and engaging way to make a stressful situation as relaxing as possible.

3. Have A Mentor/Buddy System And Stick To It.

A common mistake that companies make is assigning someone to show the new team member around the office for only a day. After that, they are left to their own devices – avoid this at all costs. As I mentioned above the new team member will be nervous and in unfamiliar territory, and a great way to alleviate that is by having a buddy system and keeping it in place for as long as necessary.

4. Include Them In The Office Culture From The Very Start.

Finally, the easiest way to make someone feel comfortable in this environment is by treating them like a member of the team from day one. Keep them informed on inside jokes, take them to lunch, show them around the office and get to know them as a person as well as an employer. Simple things like that will go a long way to making them feel right at home.

The next time someone new joins your team be sure to return to this article and use the tips and advice above to ingratiate them to the best of your ability.

Kate Thora is a Senior Content Specialist for Uphours, an online resource with information about companies. In her spare time, she loves writing and painting while surrounded by nature.

Image courtesy of stockimages at FreeDigitalPhotos.net
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