Diversity and Inclusion Thought and Action Group

Given the strong correlation between Employee Engagement, Diversity and Inclusion, the Diversity and Inclusion TAG is opening the group to new members who have a specific remit and/or are interested in this area.

The group discussions explore in detail key diversity related themes and diversity dilemmas which includes:

  • sharing of good practice
  • using diversity as a story telling concept
  • appropriate measures of inclusive practices
  • current relevant research

The TAG held its first conference in September 2016 and is now in the process of writing a White Paper, highlighting key findings and examples of good practice.

During 2017 it will be organising two conferences and a series of short events with invited speakers who will present on topical areas relevant to Diversity, Inclusion and Employee Engagement.

Our meetings are held in London and we meet every other month.

For further information, please contact the chair of the group – Snéha Khilay Sneha@bluetuliptraining.co.uk

Diversity & Inclusion, and the Age of Personalised Engagement