Special Guest: DeeDee Bennett, Director, Human Resources / Global HR Business Partner – PayPal

The key to true employee engagement relies on Leadership 1st. This trumps all HR Culture Initiatives, company perks, etc…

Join us as we discuss how without strong people leadership that inspires teams, builds absolute trust, provides meaningful delegated work (rather than dumping tasks) and gives empowerment to the employees, you just cannot build an engaged workforce.

Unfortunately we see time and time again companies focused on trying to build an engaged workforce through fluffy HR initiatives alone and not addressing the true issue, which is usually ineffective people leaders/leadership.

DeeDee is a Global/Business Focused Human Resources Executive with more than 20 years of progressive HR leadership experience covering all HR related activities from a hands- on level to a strategic HR business partner on a global scale; with strong international exposure and focused on developing empowered and engaged teams that deliver business growth.

Originally from California, USA she graduated with a BA degree in Organisational Communications and a minor in Psychology (both would prove valuable in her HR career). Starting her HR career directly out of University, she has progressed through all aspects and levels within the HR field, eventually leading the global HR function for Glanbia Nutritionals, a Nutritional Manufacturing Org. headquartered in Ireland, thus relocating with her family to Dublin where they live today.

She is currently working for PayPal, providing Strategic People Business Partnering to the Commercial and Marketing Functions across the 10+ sites within EMEA region. While she truly enjoys the full aspect of HR and the diversity it provides, she has developed a passion for International HR, and Talent Development- specifically in regard to Leadership Effectiveness.

Host: Jo Moffatt

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