Special Guest: Chris Crofts, Founder, Kinetic Internal Communications Ltd

Never has being successful in business been so tough, with the pace of change ever-increasing and organisations fighting just to keep up, efficiency and productivity will be the ‘make or break’ factors for most. Finding ways to truly engage your people and inspire their discretionary effort will be the only way to stay in the game.

Join us as Chris Crofts, from Kinetic Internal Communications Ltd, featured in Emma Bridger’s updated edition of ‘Employee Engagement’, talks about the power of ‘Purpose’ and how companies can unlock employee engagement and productivity by focusing on finding greater meaning in their work.

Chris is a well-known and highly regarded internal communications director having led the IC and engagement functions at HSBC, Aviva and Diageo.

Her work is multi award winning and includes awards for financial communications, strategy communications, best team and culture change communications.

She has a personal passion for ‘Purpose’ and is a frequent speaker and writer on the subject of ‘the power of Purpose’ and the role of Internal Communications in driving culture change and business strategy execution.

Most recently, Chris has set up her own company called Kinetic Internal Communications Ltd, where she is using her energy and passion to help her clients “power purposeful employee engagement, clarity and connection” as well as training line managers and internal communications professionals.

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