Radio Show #351: Why Alumni Networks are Critical to our Talent Supply 

Special Guest: James Sinclair: Chief Executive at EnterpriseAlumni

EnterpriseAlumni counts customers like LinkedIn, Nestle, HSBC, Wells-Fargo, P&G, CenturyLink, Coca-Cola among others, who have trusted the platform to manage, engage and nurture their Alumni community.

As every buzzword this year has been around employee experience, transformation and empathy, companies have to recognize that how people leave the company is as important as how they join, not only for the low hanging fruit like access to a talent pool of known people, but also referrals, brand advocates and given many people will stay in the same industry even sales and business development opportunities. Really innovative companies are leveraging their Alumni to bring back those who may have left for a career break or to raise a family and are ready to get back into employment.

We will be discussing the rapid urgency organisations are taking to setup their Alumni Networks to ensure they maintain communications with people furloughed and more importantly as companies plan for recovery, having access to a talent pool that can called upon quickly and be productive in days (including retirees). The conversation has moved from “Alumni Networks are a nice to have part of the employee experience” to “Alumni Networks are critical to our talent supply”.

Powering the Alumni Communities of the world’s largest and most respected brands globally; for companies looking to access a contingent labour pool, drive referrals or boomerang hires, accelerate business development, drive sales or just create a positive evangelist community EnterpriseAlumni assists their customers to achieve these goals.

Join us as we discuss the urgent steps companies are taking to stay connected to former employees.

Host: Jo Moffatt

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