Special Guest: Ritu Mohanka: Head of Business Development and Strategic Growth in EMEA

The global pandemic, economic dislocation and the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement are all having a major impact on what we are looking for in an employer right now. Key to navigating this change successfully is us all feeling a sense of belonging in the organisation, and the importance of belonging in contributing to employee engagement can’t be overstated. At the same time, strategies to ensure employees feel connected to the organisation contribute to employee productivity, talent retention, innovation, customer loyalty and improve the entire workplace environment.

Despite its importance, insight into employee engagement is often infrequent and not incorporated into decisions throughout organisations, however — so Ritu will discuss some of the reasons stopping us getting this right. She will also identify practical ways to help the CEO make tough, but necessary cultural shifts a changing world needs right now, to create the proper platform for genuine inclusivity.

Join us as we discuss why employee engagement has to be a priority for all organisations right now

Listen Live (Archive Available)

Host: Jo Dodds

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