Special guest: Lara Morgan

Lara is an active supporter of the EFS movement as a member of the Task Force.

Lara began to develop the skills of an entrepreneur at an early age! Her parents lived and worked in Hong Kong, whilst she and her brother would travel halfway round the world to school in Scotland. Her independent childhood and her parents being wonderful ‘leaders by example’ all attributed to her understanding of business today.

She finished school at the age of 18 fully expecting to attend university. However, that same year her father was declared bankrupt. As a result, she found herself borrowing her first business clothes from a mate of her mothers and went for an interview. At 18 she taught herself the art of sales, and by 21 she was managing a Yellow Pages sales team in 6 countries in the Gulf. In 1991, at the age of 23, she started her first business, Pacific Direct Ltd, which manufactured and sold brand licensed toiletries and amenities to the hotel industry.
Seventeen years later, she sold her majority share (99%) in 2008 for the sum of £20million. Since then, she spends quality time with her husband and three lively daughters.

Lara is the Founder of CompanyShortcuts.com, a source of practical advice and frameworks to enable businesses leaders to achieve accelerated growth. She is seriously passionate about Leadership, Self and Employee Motivation (you might even remember her for celebrating achieving her first £1m profit by taking her staff on an all-expenses paid holiday to Barbados in 2005) and Business Growth; and she regularly talks about these and other specific topics based on her own experiences.

Host: Jo Dodds & Jo Moffatt

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