Special Guest: John Wills, Founding Partner Essentic

Now more than ever, organisations are facing the highest levels of change and competition ever, and the pace of change is increasing each year. In order to survive, adapt, and grow, organisations are recognising that they need employees’ engagement, creativity and enthusiasm.

Join us as we discuss the future of work, and what can be done to unlock individual and organizational potential; developing a culture where personalised fulfilment can be achieved at work, where staff can be their best selves and flourish.

We will explore how individual and corporate potential is squandered when people’s positive impact on each other goes unrecognised; when their strengths, in and out of the workplace, go uncelebrated.

John is a founding partner at Essentic, a company committed to helping individuals discover and employ the essence of who they are when they are at the best. Through Essentic’s Positive Method, participants receive feedback from their personal and professional networks about their distinctive impact strengths, and achieve a greater understanding of their potential using those strengths.

John is a leadership and strategy consultant and educator with 18 years’ experience in executive development working with London Business School and Henley Business School / University of Reading. John received his MBA from Cranfield School of Management in the UK with a focus in International Human Resource Management.

We will discuss ways of helping individuals play to their strengths at work resulting in improved team collaboration, creativity, and problem solving skills, as well as performance under pressure and emotional wellbeing, and improve employee engagement, productivity and retention.

Host: Jo Dodds

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