Internal Coaches and Mentors

Internal Coaches and Mentors are well placed to act as powerful agents for change.  With good sponsorship, and keen attention to boundary management, they can offer a unique and bespoke learning partnership to colleagues.  This TAG explores the potential for Internal Coaches and Mentors to promote employee engagement from within, using the four enablers of employee engagement – for example:

Strategic Narrative

Helping managers inducting new staff, to ensure understanding of the organisations’ purpose and culture – at that critical ’embedding into a new culture’ point.

Engaging Managers

Supporting increased self-awareness and self-management of engaging managerial and leadership behaviours.

Employee Voice

Encouraging people to work out what they really want to say and how to ask constructively.

Organisational Integrity

Identifying themes and issues, when working at scale and within ethical boundaries.

It’s a challenging role and a growing area of expertise. The group is facilitated by Katherine Bassey, an experienced, accredited executive coach, coaching supervisor and Time to Think practitioner, offering a safe space to share reflective thinking, explore potential, enhance current practice and offer ideas to others beyond the group.

So if this is your world and you’d like to get involved, please email me at katherine@engageforsuccess.org or katherinebassey@gmail.com

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