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This TAG’s focus is looking at the present and future of engaging a multicultural and global workforce in a changing environment. Uncertainty and changes within external environments can have a massive impact in the workplace – for example, the current wait to know the terms under which the UK leaves the European Union and how that may affect the organisations we work for and the people in them.

We want to shine light on best practice on organisations that are leading the way in engaging their staff.

What we’ve done so far:

As we started exploring and scope out our research, we realised this could go in many directions. With Brexit being one of the many current external changes, we decided to start off with a preliminary stage of research and held a Panel Discussion.

We partnered up with Great Place to Work and had an amazing Panel session on the 11th of April.

Here is the video of that discussion: https://dreamingfish-2.wistia.com/medias/kb8k7sjjde

What’s next?

We are using our Panel Discussion as a starting point, bydistilling out the key topics which were discussed and issues that were raised and compiling these in an interview guide. These topics will form the basis for a more detailed discussion in 1:1 interviews with a cross-section of organisations. The aim is to secure 20 interviews with senior leaders of organisations large and small between now and early 2019.

Those interviews will be analysed and the outcome and key points published in a final report to be available at the end of March to coincide with the date the UK leaves the EU.

Liking the sound of what we are doing? More volunteers are always welcome so this is a great time to join in and help shape what we are doing next.

What type of volunteer are we looking for?

TAG Members – are you interested in how engagement might be impacted by external factors such as Brexit? Do you have a bit of time to give to the movement and help us interview organisations and find out what they are doing to lead the way in engaging their staff? Then we want you to form part of our group! We are aiming to interview 3 organisations each with a balance of SME’s and larger organisations.

Volunteer Organisations – we are looking for both large organisations possibly spanning different locations, to local or not so local SME’s to share their story and what they are doing to engage their staff when uncertainty is unavoidable. Possibly they are finding recruiting talent difficult under potential changes with the context of the UK and the European Union, they may be looking to relocate or have already located some functions elsewhere, or are doing an excellent job to keep business growing despite economic uncertainty.

Contact either of the group’s co-chairs Cinthya Quijano at cinthya@engageforsuccess.org or Silke Brittain at silke.brittain@clearvoicecomms.co.uk for more information and to get involved.

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