Run an event

Run an event

Events are all about sharing good practice, knowledge and experience. We invite any member of our community to either take part in one or to host one for others to join.

You have the freedom to set up the event when and where you like. We can give you help with standard agendas, workshop materials and facilitation guides. One of the core Engage for Success team, or a member of our regional community may be able to come and facilitate with you. Have a look at the materials below to get started. The first decision to make is what kind of event you would like to run.   Suggestions include:

  • Our popular Engagement Workshop, which presents the evidence for good employee engagement and introduces the Engage for Success ‘Four Enablers’
  • A themed engagement event, such as:
    • ‘Employee Engagement and Customer Service’,
    • ‘Engagement and Innovation’,
    • ‘Engagement and Wellbeing’,
    • Or themed on the Four Enablers, eg ‘Employee Voice’
  • A networking event, introducing Employee Engagement and Engage for Success, showcasing a case study or good practice from your organisation
  • An event to share ‘Engagement Stories’, tips and ideas from your organisation and learn from others
  • An event for local organisations to share ‘Engagement Case Studies
  • An Open Day showcasing your organisation
  • Or any other event that interests you!

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