Running an Open Day

Running an Open Day

We would love you to host an event in your organisation to showcase “engagement in action”. We recommends the visit incorporates some or all of the following:-

  1. An opportunity to meet some employees in the hosting organisation, to talk about their employee experience and how they perceive some of the engagement interventions put in place by the hosting company.
  2. Some presentations by the leadership outlining what the company does to engage employees and how that’s received by their people.
  3. A visit on site to see people in their place of work, to get a feel for the environment provided by the employer.
  4. A chance to take part in an engagement workshop, ran by the hosting organisation that includes a combination of some of their employees and the visiting team.
  5. A knowledge exchange, where visitors have an opportunity to share their work, challenges, approaches with the hosting organisation.

As the nature of the work and employee demographics differs between companies, we expect there to be a significant amount of variability between Open days and we expect that the host will design an approach that best suits their needs. However, we offer a few guiding principles to shape and enhance the experience for the visitors, including:-

  • The day should be interactive with plenty of opportunity for visitors to talk to people in the hosting organisation, share ideas and ask questions.
  • There should be an opportunity to “see” something of interest in the hosting organisation – perhaps a workshop, a team environment or event.
  • Visitors need to be in a safe environment, so shouldn’t take part in any work that they are not trained or equipped to deal with.
  • The hosts should have practical experience of engagement and should declare in their invitation whether they are a practitioner or a consultant/guru.
  • Not more than 50 guests to enable good interaction and discussion.
  • A timetable of activity will be provided, with guests arriving and leaving at a set time (rather than a complete open doors, come at any time arrangement).
  • The events should be free.

Click and download the following:

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