Social Media and Digital Engagement

Social Media and Digital Engagement

Our Taskforce recognised a gap in the Engage for Success toolkit around the use of digital tools, including social media to improve engagement in the workplace. It seems we’ve struck a chord with organisations searching for (and struggling to find) evidence and practical advice on new approaches and digital solutions that will work for them. David MacLeod describes the need for a ‘bridge’ – between experts who live and breathe digital, and those who can see the potential, but are unsure where to begin.

Energised by great interest in the subject we kicked off in March 2014 with a practical working group of interested professionals (experts and learners!) from a range of backgrounds, including the private, public and not-for-profit sector to:

  • to become a ‘go-to’ resource and network for thought leadership, knowledge, experience and insight about the use of social media and digital for employee engagement
  • to achieve this by collating and sign-posting the wealth of existing resources in this space, making them readily accessible and relevant for our audience, as well as providing practical advice
  • to normalise the use of social media and digital across the private, public and not-for-profit sector practice for employee engagement

More Social than Media

The purpose of the group: to provide the C Suite/Executive Suite and its internal and external advisors with a commercially neutral window on the world of Network social networks / corporate social media such that they can make insightful investments that deliver pre-planned commercial and cultural outcomes.

The following projects are concluded or ongoing:

  1. The diagnostic – which helps organisations calibrate their ESN maturity – concluded by Marc Wright of Simply
  2. The hub of hubs which provides a review of resources available – concluded by Phoebe Lebrecht of Glass Digital Media and Beth Garland of Mhub
  3. The rough guide to the world of ESNs and corporate media
  4. Making strategy social – target autumn 2017 via Jo Ann Sweeney
  5. Research into how ESNs/corporate social media is influencing behaviour, working relationships and performance via John Smythe, Bonnie Carlo (Sydney), Marc Wright and Phoebe Lebrecht
  6. Which social tools add value – vacant
  7. ‘Where’s the value’/business case/ROI for ESNs? – Stuart Sinclair,  Justin Robbins, Fionnuala O’Conor
  8. ‘How to use ESNs’/corporate social media – Stuart Sinclair and Fionnuala O’Conor
  9. Dispelling myths about ESNs/corporate social media – Jeremy Stinton
  10. Using ESNs/SM to* hold conversations *with employees – Justin Robbins

The Group is chaired by John Smythe, Engage for Change. Join this Group by emailing or

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