#PeopleProductivity Event: Making better decisions faster 

In our January People Productivity session, we practiced a quick and easy consent decision-making process.

Slow decision-making is the #1 complaint of and reason for project delays and failures. So we wanted to give people a practical tool they can use to be able to make better decisions faster.

Hagit Amsterdam and Katrin Kircheis did a demo round and then gave all participants the opportunity to try and practice the process in break out rooms.

The process starts with a proposal, then rounds where each attendee can ask questions and make suggestions, a reframed proposal based on these and a consent round where everyone can agree or object.

Here is some feedback from our participants:

  • ‘It’s great to have a process like this to practice listening to others.’
  • ‘It was interesting to see how the questions built on each other and the way a new proposal formed from that.’
  • ‘Facilitating and participating in the process at the same time was a lot to take on, and it’s a great learning opportunity. Once you practice the process a bit more it will become easier.’

Slides: Making better decisions faster

Our next #PeopleProductivity event is on the 17th February, where we will be talking about Peak Productivity.

Each month we explore a different topic. Come and join us on the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 4.30-5.30pm. Details on booking a place will be posted in the EFS newsletter.

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