Leadership and Engagement (Phase 2)

Leadership and Engagement – Phase 2

Leadership & Engagement is a popular area for discussion, theories, research & publications. The initial Leadership and Engagement Group, led by Nigel Girling has now closed, after producing a number of helpful outputs focused upon the premise that a style of leadership called Engaging Leadership could be adopted to encourage engagement.

Our focus in Phase 2 is fostering high levels of individual and collective engagement through great leadership, primarily in the finance industry.

Our objectives

  • Analyse the impact of leadership on individual and collective levels of employee engagement.
  • Build up guidance for senior managers about the leadership styles, behaviours, values and practices that leaders can adopt to enhance engagement levels.
  • Promote our findings throughout UK organisations to improve their performance.

This Group is led by Terry Grourk, MD Enhancing Ltd. Join this Group by contacting Terry tmg@enhancingsurveys.co.uk.