Video: Mitchells & Butlers: A Business Case for Employee Engagement 

The following video has been provided by Digital Opinion and gives an insight into Mitchells & Butlers employee engagement journey.

A long standing client of Digital Opinion, Mitchells & Butlers is the largest operator of restaurants and pubs in the UK. Running 1,800 businesses across 17 well-known brands, and with 40,000 people, they are one of the UK’s largest employers. Having long understood the vital role that engaged employees play in the business, they have conducted surveys for the last 8 years to measure and raise the level of engagement. With the help of Digital Opinion, clear links between employee engagement and other business performance metrics have been established. In addition, survey analyses have enabled Mitchells & Butlers to identify the key drivers of employee engagement that make a difference to the business areas that matter the most to them.

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