EFS UK Employee Engagement Survey 2022

engagement report 2022

Exploring the impact of covid-19 on employee engagement in the UK.

Key Headlines:

  • Employee engagement dropped -11% during the pandemic and there has only been a partial recovery of +3%. Engagement is now rated as lower than before the pandemic (-8%) 
  • The data shows how the employer responded during the pandemic contributed to the degree of drop in employee engagement. Significant variations were visible across bundles of employee involvement methods, learning and development opportunities, communication channels, and online health and wellbeing initiatives.
  • It is evident from the findings that employers who communicated, involved, developed, and supported their employees during the pandemic, found engagement levels were largely insulated from its impact.
  • The report establishes an Employee Engagement Index combining the average score of three key questions focusing on overall satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy. 
  • The 2022 EFS UK Employee Engagement Index was 62%. 

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