Special Guest: Rebekah Gerry: Financial Wellbeing Lead at Neyber

Rebekah Gerry, Financial Wellbeing Lead at Neyber, joins us to talk about the impact of financial worries on employees among the UK workforce. We will be discussing the breadth and impact of financial worries, the impact of poor financial wellbeing on employee engagement and what employers can do to enable change. Neyber has recently published its fourth annual DNA of Financial Wellbeing research report –involving over 11,000 employees and 700 employers across the UK.

Rebekah Gerry is the Financial Wellbeing Lead at Neyber, having recently moved from New Zealand. She has a background in financial services and has developed and facilitated financial wellbeing programmes for schools, workplaces and community groups. Neyber has been included in KPMG’s 2019 list of the top 100 fintech companies, recognised as Ethical Financial Services Provider of the Year at the Money Age Awards and became the first alternative lender to be accredited by the Lending Standards Board. Neyber are also Financial Wellbeing provider to the winner of the Employee Benefits Awards’ “Best Financial Wellbeing Strategy”.

Join us as we discuss the breadth and impact of financial worries among the UK workforce.

Host: Jo Dodds

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