Special Guest: Judy Walker Senior Business Consultant at iTS Leadership Ltd

Judy is a Subject Matter Expert in the After Action Review (AAR) approach and has been instrumental in developing AAR for use in the NHS, Higher Education and Corporate Environments. Judy led the team that delivered a ground-breaking education programme to equip clinical staff to lead AARs at University College London Hospitals Foundation Trust (UCLH)and earned her stripes as an AAR Conductor through facilitating many AARs for clinical incidents. In 2019, after 34 years in the NHS, Judy joined iTS Leadership to be able to concentrate on bringing the benefits of AAR to a wider audience.

The value of improving team and business performance using the After Action Review approach has been brought to life in Black Box Thinking by Matthew Syed and we know it is being used in a variety of successful USA companies. Yet it is only just beginning to be introduced across Europe, so we are at a very exciting stage in our work.

It has been called “the most successful organisational learning method yet devised” and not only will AAR increase staff engagement, it will develop leaders’ confidence in tackling difficult issues and boost psychological safety in teams that use it regularly.

Join us as we discuss the After Action Review (AAR) approach and its impact on staff engagement.

Host: Jo Moffatt

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