Special Guest: Georgina Clarke: Ascent Wellbeing

Never before has there been such a need to focus on mental health and wellbeing since the start of 2020. With Black Lives Matter and the COVID pandemic highlighting vast inequalities, there is an urgent need to understand how to reduce these inequalities and help people to feel better, more included and healthier, both at work and at home in their community.

Georgina will share her thoughts, based on her experience, about how engaging, motivating and empowering people to collectively tackle problems, take initiative and reach goals, share some common themes both in workplace teams and with residents in communities.

Georgina Clarke has over 20 years experience setting up and leading health and wellbeing projects both at work and in communities. A large part of her career has been developing approaches within a public health and health inequalities context, supporting, empowering and coaching communities to tackle local wellbeing issues, using bottom up, participatory and co-productive approaches. She helped to transform statistically deprived communities using an approach called asset based community development, which involves building on community strengths and assets, including their best asset, their people.

Join us as we discuss how to develop strategies to engage and inspire people in your teams and communities, including in times of adversity

Host: Jo Dodds

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