Special Guest: Anne-Marie Kiernan

Anne Marie Kiernan is a seasoned communications professional with over twenty years’ experience in a variety of industry sectors. Her passion for storytelling, culture, next generation tools and the future of work make her more than your average communicator. She has first-hand experience of how the role of internal communication is changing and sees both user generated content and partnership with IT as critical enablers for raising the bar in our profession. She is currently Head of Internal Communications at Kellogg HQ in Dublin Ireland. Together with her team, they are a driving force behind Kellogg Europe’s ‘Make it Happen’ Culture.

Covid triggered a huge social experiment, making the virtual workplace a reality almost overnight. The future of work, a destination that we thought was years away, is now. As communicators, HR professionals and custodians of organisational culture we face a big challenge – how to engage a workforce that is now spread across multiple kitchens, bedrooms and home offices. With no face to face gatherings and no watercooler moments, how do you galvanize teams and strengthen and sustain culture? Anne-Marie Kiernan, Head of Internal Communications for Kellogg Europe tells us how they have been communicating through Covid and how her team are using insights and learnings from this crisis to reinvent how they communicate.

Join us as we discuss how the crisis of Covid has created an opportunity for internal communication.

Host: Jo Moffatt

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