Special Guest: Quentin Millington, Founder of London-based consultancy Marble

When people think about ‘disruption’, the first thing that comes to mind is often technology. And companies rightly invest in technology and data solutions as a way to gain an advantage over their competitors.

But disruption is more usefully seen as any force outside the control of the senior team that may affect the outcomes of its agreed strategy or the day-to-day running of the business. These forces often do not yield to the thinking, skills, aims, or activities that brought success in the past. A company must adapt if it is to thrive.

In this podcast, Quentin Millington separates the challenge of non-stop disruption into elements that the senior team can talk about and actively manage. These include strategy, leadership, culture and practice, and dialogue with internal and external stakeholders. With a conscious approach to adaptation, companies can lessen the risks of a changing world and increase the value they create.

A former Chief Operating Officer in investment banking, Quentin has worked with FTSE-100 and other multinationals to advance strategy, strengthen leadership, and enhance culture. He supports senior teams within complex organisations to deliver strategies that build resilience against disruption and create lasting value. Quentin’s past clients include Apple, Deutsche Bank, Informa, PwC, and UBS.

Join us as we discuss what organisations can do to harness disruption in our fast-changing world.

Host: Andy Goram

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