Radio Show #468: How Effective is your Current Engagement Program? 

Special Guest: Bala Balasubramaniam: Innovation Minds

Bala believes that human connection is the heart of innovation. Great innovation and engagement happens when people have the right mindset, tools, and process to collaborate effectively. With that in mind, he recently founded Innovationminds that equips enterprise/academic clients with a crowdsourcing/AI employee experience platform and innovation sprints to engage our talent and move ideas into game-changing solutions. Prior to that, he worked as Head of HR Innovation at LinkedIn, also as the leader of Innovation at eBay Research Labs. He frequently gives keynotes at Innovation/HR Summits & Conferences.

CHROs and Experience Officers agree that 80% of engagement comes from our daily work, team meetings and workday breaks, corporate events, and most importantly the way our managers engage with us. The rest of the 20% comes from how well we are able to use the engagement programs and technology currently available to us at work. The question is: How effective is your current engagement program in boosting engagement on both fronts? Let’s look at some best practices and trends we see at thriving companies

Join us as we discuss boosting engagement using the programs and technology currently available

Host: Andy Goram

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