Special Guest: David Liddle: The TCM Group

At a time where the terms culture, climate and conflict are hot topics for every organisation, David Liddle will be examining these three areas through the lens of his 30 years work as a facilitator, a mediator, a coach, a leader and an accomplished author.

Having completed a degree in race relations in the early nineties, David went on to set up one of the first specialist mediation and restorative justice organisations in the UK. For 7 years he pioneered the use of mediation and restorative practices for resolving intractable and often complex issues in communities, schools and between gangs. In 2001, having completed his MBA with distinction, David began to offer mediation and restorative practices to UK organisations. One of the first to do so, he quickly recognised that dialogue, compassion, empathy and engagement were far more effective at resolving issues at work than retribution, blame, shame, punishment and fear.

His company, The TCM Group, has grown rapidly since those early days and David has created a unique ecosystem of services to organisations across the UK and beyond. His ground breaking and award winning Resolution FrameworkTM is being used to replace grievance and disciplinary procedures in organisations across the globe and his Transformational Culture ModelTM offers a blueprint for a purpose driven, values based and person centred workplace. 

David has been a longstanding supporter of E4S and he is president of the People and Culture Association (www.peopleprofessionals.org). He is the founder of International People and Culture Week which launches on 01st of May 2024.

Join us as we discuss culture, climate and conflict in organisations

Host: Andy Goram

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