Special Guests: Tom Geraghty: Founder and CEO of Iterum Ltd

Tom Geraghty is a recognised authority in creating safer, high-performing, and more inclusive workplaces, and Founder and CEO of Iterum Ltd, a company dedicated to fostering safety cultures and psychological safety. Tom’s interdisciplinary background in ecological research and technology positions him uniquely in this field: beginning his career as an Experimentalist at Jealott’s Hill for Syngenta, he transitioned to technology, occupying CIO/CTO roles across various sectors, from innovative tech startups to established global finance firms. Tom is now an award-winning Psychological Safety consultant and researcher for multinational corporations, healthcare organisations, academia, government, and more.

His mission is to make the world of work a safer, higher performing, more inclusive and equitable place.

Outside of work, Tom spends as much time as possible outdoors, mountain biking, hiking and travelling, and is a father to a wonderful young daughter.

Join us as we discuss the importance of psychological safety.

Host: Andy Goram

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