Show #153: Whole Life Engagement is the Missing Link to Employee Engagement 

Guest: Mike Greatwood, CEO, thedreammanagerprogramme.com

So everyone is talking about employee engagement, lots of consultants are helping organisations define it, measure it, strategise over it, devise plans and make efforts to improve it – but year on year, nothing really is changing. Why is that…? Organisations have been doing a lot of things – but not many of them are working – so what’s the problem?

Mike Greatwood joins us to share some of his views on the subject, as an experienced business leader, engager of people, buyer of services, and as CEO of an engagement coaching provider that actually does make a difference. The Dream Manager Program delivers employee engagement programmes, showcased in a NY Times bestseller of the same name and tailored for the European market. Their programmes, authentically put the employee first, with the employees reciprocating by giving back that elusive discretional effort, loyalty, efficiency and commitment. Mike’s will share his views on how to get people truly engaged, and how employers can actually make a difference and reap the benefits…

Prior to bringing The Dream Manager Program to Europe, Mike’s background in business and people leadership roles saw him sit on both sides of the business fence, with HRD as well as MD, SD & GM roles in a FTSE100 company. Whilst there, he was at the forefront of employee engagement and satisfaction. He has led a couple of turnarounds, held several board positions and coached FTSE100/250 CEO’s and Directors, whilst running an executive coaching practice. He is a member of The British Psychological Society, and is a Leadership personality profiler. His education and passion for helping people, began with an MBA at Cranfield, back when MBA’s weren’t fashionable…!

Host: Jo Dodds

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