Show #155: Measuring the Value of Employee Engagement 

Special Guest: Andy Campbell, HCM Strategy Director for Oracle EMEA

Oracle’s Simply Talent: A Western European Perspective study reveals that many Western European countries still have some way to go in terms of effectively measuring employee engagement and its impact on performance. As competition for skilled workers continues to get fiercer, organisations that cannot keep their top performers engaged and motivated risk losing them to competitors.

Join us as we discuss the findings from the study: how valuable employee engagement is to employers, how it is currently being measured, and how companies can make employee engagement a competitive differentiator.

Andy Campbell has been at Oracle for 18 years. In his current position as HCM Strategy Director for Oracle EMEA he leads the research and thought leadership activities associated with Oracle’s HCM Cloud propositions. He combines this role with active engagement with customer executive teams that are looking to the embrace the significant opportunities that are enabled by such capabilities. In his previous positions he has been responsible for the successful delivery of major business transformation programmes in a variety of industries in both public and private sectors, leading significant multi-disciplinary teams. He has substantial experience of the effective deployment of leading edge technology to address significant business problems and opportunities.

Host: Jo Moffatt

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