Special Guest: Jasmine Gartner

Jasmine Gartner is a trainer and speaker on employee engagement, the Information & consultation regulations, unconscious bias, and diversity and inclusion. She has trained and spoken in the private, public and third sectors. Her clients include BP, Amey, B&Q, PepsiCo, CBI, Harper Collins, Three, and Orange. She is the author of Employee Engagement: a little book of Big Ideas and writes for HRZone.

In the current business climate, it is becoming increasingly clear that engaging your workforce is an essential component of productivity and profitability. In her book, Jasmine outlines best practice, as well as the pitfalls of engagement and how to address them.

But what exactly is engagement? Employee Engagement introduces the idea that engagement has to be explored in five different spheres: the company, the work of the individual, the team, the network and society. Employee Engagement is based on many conversations with managers, HR professionals, and staff. It’s a little book of big ideas – and hopefully, it is the beginning of many more conversations.

Join us as we discussed the five spheres that have to be explored in relation to employee engagement.

Host: Jo Dodds

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