Special Guest: Peter Wilde, Managing Director and Founder at Employee Research

Much like with the annual appraisal, there are clarion calls for wholesale changes in how organisations listen to their people.

In the digital world, waiting isn’t an option. With tech-savvy Gen Y now the largest group in the workforce, people are expecting instant feedback on their performance and their opinions. The question is how do you stop ‘instant’ meaning trivial, useless or even damaging?

What’s best for an organisation? Where is the sweet spot between an engagement survey every two years and having to hit a smiley or a frown on your way out of the office? This session will examine the current techniques, where they work (and don’t) and how people can find the perfect balance for their organisation.

Since graduating in psychology from Manchester University fifteen years ago, Peter has worked solely as an employee engagement specialist. As part of the engagement team at Ipsos MORI, he conducted global projects for a range of organisations and was fortunate enough to work internationally with the UK’s best known pollster, Sir Robert Worcester.

In 2004, Peter joined UBS, a move which saw him take on the role of overseeing engagement research globally. He developed a centre of excellence within the organisation and his ‘employee lifecycle’ research model is now implemented across the Firm.

Peter brings a deep understanding of engagement, employee research and human capital.

Join us as we discuss ‘the death of the annual engagement survey’.

Host: Jo Dodds

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