Special Guest: Scott Gould, Engagement Consultant and Creator of ‘The Engaging Method’

Join us as we discuss what we can learn about engagement from a handshake, and how to progress through the three levels of engagement to create the highest level of connection between people and organisations.

Scott is a management consultant specialising in stakeholder engagement, an area he has worked in for 17 years domestically and internationally. He was formerly a church minister, which is where he formed his belief that the best engagement is shared meaning and passions.

Simply put, Scott believes that the way we engage with each other with a handshake is a picture for how we interact and engage with any person, organisation, idea or product, and he has turned that idea into a unified theory of engagement.

Aside from his consulting, Scott formerly co-founded the popular Like Minds series of conferences, was a post-graduate lecturer, and presents as a professional speaker. His clients have included Visit Finland, F&W Media, Microsoft and the Church of England.

He writes at www.scottgould.me

Host: Jo Moffatt

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