Special Guest: Neville Pritchard, CEO of HR in Flow Ltd

Neville has worked in the field of HR across four decades. He has a unique view and understanding of leading transformation through people. Working globally across a number of industries and sectors for the past ten years he has developed a new vision of HR driven by choice and organisation intent. He was previously in senior HR and L&D management roles with Barclays, Abbey National and Legal & General and he is incredibly passionate about workplace welfare and ‘flow.’ He has realised that by reducing stress in the workplace there is a resultant impact on levels of engagement and the hard measures such as productivity, attrition, absence and performance. Levels of internal trust also improve with further consequential efficiencies being achieved.

His experience of working with teams internationally in both private and public sectors across a number of industries has enabled him to develop a range of unique approaches and solutions to raise capabilities, performance engagement and impact from HR and people support roles. Teams that he and his colleagues have worked with have won 24 industry awards with six and seven figure savings along with productivity levels and employee engagement scores increasing by up to 15%.

Join us as Neville shares his experience of the focus on reducing stress to shift performance measures and the resulting impact on engagement.

Host: Jo Dodds

Listen live here (and archived)

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