Special Guest: Amrit Sandhar, The Engagement Coach

A statistic from the Centre for Creative Leadership recently reported that 75% of change initiatives fail because of a resistant company culture. Anyone who has been involved in a change programme, will know the huge disruption this can cause to employees, whether successfully implement or not. But why do we resist change, especially if it may be hugely beneficial to the organisation? Why do we get so emotional about changes at work?

Join us as we discuss how we can prepare organisations, and more importantly the people within them, for change in an ever-changing world

Amrit Sandhar, founder of The Engagement Coach helps organisations to truly engage their people through strategic clarity, insights and data. Amrit is a values-led individual who has a passion for developing people, as he believes highly engaged leaders drive better business performance by getting the best out of their colleagues.

Host: Jo Dodds

Listen live here (archive available)

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