Special Guest: Maria Paviour B.ed(hons), Principal Practitioner MABP, Occupational Practitioner Psychologist

For over 25 years Maria has studied human psychology, biology and neuroscience, focusing on the importance of engaging employees and gaining employee commitment.

Join us as we talk about how the drive to achieve is leading to organisations zombifying their people.

We’ll be talking about the brain science of zombification, how this affects people at work, how senior management need to address this and about the new science of co-regulation and how this impacts upon performance

In 2000, Maria won two awards to develop technology for measuring and managing stress at work.

She’s published three books on neuroscience and leadership, and grown a team of coaching professionals, schooled in her own ‘NeuChem®’ methodology. Harnessing body and mind for better workplace wellbeing.

Maria heads up an occupational psychology consultancy, based at the Innovation Centre at the University of Sussex. The Maria Paviour Company specialise in coaching and leadership development, through emotional engagement and wellbeing at work.

Using evidence based research from the last ten years, Maria has built the tool – CARI™ – giving clients the ability to drill right down into the key aspects of wellbeing and emotional engagement at work. CARI™ provides revealing insights into the barriers that stop your employees from engaging in the workplace.

Host: Jo Dodds

Listen live here (archive available)

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