Special Guest: David Zinger

The End: A Practical and Tactical Guide to Engagement.

David Zinger will be talking about the double endings involved in employee engagement. What needs to end for employee engagement to begin and how will employee engagement end (as a fad that withers away or as a way of work, management, and leadership that get integrated into the fabric of work.) The conversation will cover the 10 block pyramid of employee engagement and a focus on small behaviours achieving big results.

David Zinger is a sought after author, educator, coach, and consultant focused intently on employee engagement. He is one of the world leading independent employee engagement experts and he founded and hosts the Employee Engagement Network, bringing together over 6000 people from around the globe to improve and increase employee engagement.

David wrote Assorted Zingers: Poems and Cartoons to Take a Bite Out of Work and Zengage: How to Get More Into Your Work to Get More Out of Your Work.

David is devoted to employee engagement and his work ranges from presentations and workshops to writing over 1700 blog posts on the topic. David developed the popular 10 block pyramid of employee engagement to focus on practical and tactical engagement based on the premise that employee engagement is never more than 10 blocks away. David conducted a 3 summer study looking at work, organisation, and engagement with honeybees.

Host: Cathy Brown

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