Special Guest: Rory Underwood

Rory is probably best known for his international rugby career. Throughout his record-breaking rugby career Rory amassed 3000hrs flying as a pilot in his 18 years in the Royal Air Force.

Rory has a specific interest and expertise in the areas of effective communication and high performance leadership within teams. He is an experienced facilitator, psychometric profiler and performance coach.

We talk about employee engagement in smaller organisations and how that can differ from the engagement challenge in large organisations.

Wingman was formed in 2009 by Rory and Dave Moss. Wingman is a Performance Consultancy that helps organisations harness the latent potential of the most important part of any business – people. Wingman facilitates individuals and teams within organisation to better understand how they can release that potential, creating high performance teams. Individuals that better understand the part they play in a team creates an effective and efficient dynamic within an organisation that make success easier to achieve.

Host: Jo Dodds

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