Special Guests: David Firth and Charrise McCrorey, The CoQuora Project

The future is not what it used to be. This can certainly be said for the concept of ‘leadership’. Prior to 2016, despite still agreeing that there are countless definitions of what leadership is. we might have all coalesced around the general idea that leaders set visions, engage followers and, above all, model certain key values such as integrity, honesty and perseverance. Events across the world challenged that default thinking.

At CoQuora we believe the time is right for a radical shift in our understanding of where leadership is and how it works (as opposed to asking ‘Who is the leader?).’ Join us to hear 5 provocative principles – five crazy ideas – that we see as foundational to a new era for leadership in the world.

We also share the essential mindset that current leaders need to have to kick start this new way of leading and will illustrate that with a couple of recent case studies.

Working together in The CoQuora Project, Charrise McCrorey and David Firth are committed to deepening engagement around what matters in all aspects of society – communities, education and healthcare as well as in commercial organizations. They work with clients to create new levels of connection and trust among all stakeholders, and then set up the conditions for inspired action and positive change to take place.

If you joined in the exercise at the end of the show, why not send your thoughts to david@coquora.com or cmccrorey@gmail.com ?

Host: Jo Moffatt

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