Special Guest: Perry Timms

Collaborative Advantage through Working Digitally. Why being engaged in THAT means more than anything else to do with Employee Engagement.

We work in ways that are different now to what they were 2 years ago. Cloud, social, open and shared workspaces have entered the fray as ways to describe a new format for getting things done in knowledge work particularly. Social Media has changed the way we think about connecting, sharing and learning from each other and Email is more questionable than ever as a good way to work.

More organisations are turning to digital tools that have a more social way of interacting in that they are:

Open to all
Conversationally themed, and where
Information is drawn down by people rather than fired at from on high.

So what does that do to employee engagement you might wonder?

Perry Timms – independent HR practitioner and Social Media & Engagement Adviser to the CIPD shares his views on why this will become the most important thing for organisations to focus on and NOT their employee engagement once-a-year survey.

Host: Jo Moffatt

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