The Engaging Managers Zone is now LIVE 

Today, we are very excited to be launching the Engaging Managers’ Zone (EMZ) on the EFS website: https://engageforsuccess.org/engaging-managers-zone. It is the latest development by EFS in its aim to provide the very latest thinking and free practical resources to help managers become more engaged in boosting employee engagement and productivity.

Earlier this year, we released our online Team Engagement Diagnostic which is currently being trialled by one of the UK’s largest public sector organisations. And now that the EMZ is launched, leaders and their teams have access to a ‘one-stop knowledge hub’ that perfectly illustrates how cultivating a highly engaged, high performing team does not need to be an impossible, superhuman task.

Describing how the EMZ works, and quoting author Oliver Blackwell, “The EMZ is not just another toolkit, it’s a ‘one-stop knowledge hub’ – a source of ideas, options and things to think about.  It’s not our intention to prescribe ‘the answer’ or any ‘quick fixes’.  Instead, we encourage readers to browse and explore, following their own interests and priorities, asking their own questions and reflecting on what their answers might be.”

Co-chair Katy Downes added, “We’re really excited to be launching the EMZ. It is designed to help build confidence in those who are new to employee engagement so that individuals can grow and learn how best to support their team, one step at a time. It will also be of great interest to experienced managers too and will signpost readers to other information/websites/articles to help develop individuals from ‘manager’ to ‘engaging manager’.” 

The Engaging Managers’ Zone has seven parts designed to be ‘dipped into’ at any point, depending on the reader’s knowledge, experience and confidence. These are:

  1. Context and purpose. What employee engagement is, why it’s important and what it means for you.
  2. The role of the engaging manager. Understanding your roles and responsibilities
  3. Taking ownership of employee engagement. Clarifying your objectives, building your strategy and taking ownership of your own engagement.
  4. Your employee engagement landscape. Exploring the engagement dynamics that permeate your organisation.
  5. Your local drivers of engagement. The drivers of engagement within your responsibility and control.
  6. Taking action. Continuously reinforcing and improving engagement whilst championing and promoting the engagement agenda.
  7. Additional resources and further reading. Continuously reinforcing and improving engagement whilst championing and promoting the engagement agenda.

As EFS’s Director of Public Sector Innovation, I’ll be spending the next few weeks making sure that all corners of the public sector are aware of the EMZ and encouraging managers to explore the wealth of information in enabling them to become better engaged managers to then have better engaged teams. But it will certainly be invaluable for all other sectors, and all sizes of organisations.

Please click here to take a look at the EMZ site and remember to repost/ retweet through your social media pages. And if you would like an informal discussion about how the EMZ – or any other of EFS’s free online resources – may help your team or organisation, please get in touch at info@engageforsuccess.org

Gary Gill – Director of Public Sector Innovation, Engage for Success

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