Special Guest: Siobhan McKeown, Director of People Operations, Human Made

More and more businesses are taking their workforces online, with entire companies working from home, from co-working spaces, and coffee shops. Often these companies are spread across the world, with people from different cultures, based in different time zones, all communicating through the medium of text or video chat. When you rarely get everyone in a room together, how do you keep your employees happy and engaged?

Join us as we discuss the particular challenges of engaging remote teams.

Siobhan McKeown is Director of People Operations at Human Made, a fully remote web development agency with 67 employees spread across the world. She is responsible for directly addressing the challenges of remote work to ensure a positive working environment for all employees. She has written a book, A Life Lived Remotely: Being and Work in the Digital Age, which talks about her own experience of remote work along with the broader social implications.

Host: Jo Moffatt

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